Places To Visit In Skardu Tour

Skardu, nestled in the heart of the mesmerizing Karakoram Range, is a breathtaking jewel of Pakistan that leaves visitors spellbound with its awe-inspiring landscapes and serene ambiance. This picturesque town, surrounded by towering peaks and crystal-clear rivers, offers a gateway to some of nature’s most majestic wonders. Skardu’s allure lies in its ethereal beauty, with landmarks like the surreal Shangrila Resort, the mystical Shigar Fort, and the serene Upper Kachura Lake, painting a canvas of tranquility and natural grandeur. The region is a paradise for adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts, with trekking trails, mountain expeditions, and an array of outdoor activities amidst its pristine surroundings.

My expedition through Skardu was a soul-stirring immersion into nature’s magnificence. The tranquil waters of Upper Kachura Lake, reflecting the azure sky and the rugged mountains, felt like a serene oasis amidst the wilderness. The Baltoro Glacier, a marvel of nature, stood as a testament to time’s artistry, offering vistas that were both humbling and awe-inspiring. Exploring the vibrant bazaars, adorned with handicrafts and local treasures, allowed me to soak in the rich cultural heritage of Skardu. Skardu’s blend of natural splendor, cultural richness, and adventure opportunities promises an experience that’s both exhilarating and deeply fulfilling. I assure you, when you venture into Skardu’s captivating landscapes and embrace its serene ambiance, prepare for an adventure that will fill your heart with joy and leave you with treasured memories to cherish forever.

Places To Visit In Skardu Tour

The Majestic Shangrila Resort

Experience the charm of Shangrila Resort, known as “Heaven on Earth,” boasting a serene ambiance and the stunning Lower Kachura Lake, offering a picturesque retreat.

The Enchanting Shigar Valley

Explore the enchanting beauty of Shigar Valley, adorned with lush orchards, meandering streams, and the ancient Shigar Fort, a testament to the region’s rich history.

The Spectacular Deosai National Park

Witness the breathtaking landscape of Deosai National Park, a high-altitude plateau adorned with wildflowers and home to diverse wildlife, including the elusive Himalayan brown bear.

The Historical Ambiance of Khaplu Fort

Step back in time at Khaplu Fort, a historical marvel offering glimpses into Baltistan’s heritage, featuring intricate woodwork and commanding views of the valley.

The Tranquil Beauty of Upper Kachura Lake

Marvel at the tranquility of Upper Kachura Lake, surrounded by towering mountains and boasting crystal-clear waters, creating a serene setting for nature enthusiasts.

The Spiritual Significance of Manthal Buddha Rock

Discover the ancient rock carvings at Manthal Buddha Rock, believed to date back to the 8th century, reflecting the region’s Buddhist heritage.

The Mesmerizing Satpara Lake

Indulge in the mesmerizing beauty of Satpara Lake, nestled amidst snow-capped peaks and offering a serene ambiance for boating and nature appreciation.

The Cultural Richness of Skardu Bazaar

Explore Skardu Bazaar, a vibrant marketplace showcasing local crafts, spices, and textiles, offering an authentic glimpse into Baltistan’s culture.

The Adventure of Kharpocho Fort

Embark on an adventure to Kharpocho Fort, perched atop a hill, providing panoramic views of Skardu and the Indus River, a paradise for history and view enthusiasts.

The Mystical Beauty of Basho Valley

Discover the mystical allure of Basho Valley, where lush meadows and snow-capped peaks create an enchanting landscape for trekkers and nature lovers.


Exploring Skardu reveals its stunning beauty and diverse attractions. Here are the top questions often asked about places to visit in Skardu.

1. What are the main tourist spots in Skardu?

Key attractions include Shangrila Resort, Upper Kachura Lake, Satpara Lake, Shigar Fort, and the enchanting Deosai National Park, each offering unique natural beauty and cultural experiences.

2. When is the best time to visit Skardu?

The best time to visit is from April to October when the weather is pleasant, roads are accessible, and most attractions are open for exploration.

3. Are there trekking or mountaineering options in Skardu?

Skardu is a haven for trekkers and mountaineers with trails like K2 Base Camp, Concordia, and trekking routes in the mesmerizing Deosai Plains.

4. How is the transportation system in Skardu, and what are the recommended modes?

Local transport includes jeeps and rented cars. Hiring a local guide or using public transport is advised for reaching remote yet spectacular areas.

5. What are the lodging options like in Skardu?

Skardu offers various accommodations from hotels to guesthouses. Booking in advance, especially during peak seasons, ensures a comfortable stay amidst Skardu’s natural wonders.

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